Staffing the Mission

How do you encourage Christians to be active in mission and evangelism when their nearest neighbour is more than a mile away? Christian charity Village Hope is working in rural parts of Great Britain, trying to help churches to answer that question. They are an evangelistic mission organisation seeking to support evangelists, church planters or… Read more »

Property Solutions

When a charity is looking to buy or sell property, the legal work can be complicated – especially when you’re purchasing. Thankfully, Edward Connor Solicitors have a team of conveyancing and trust experts who not only have the expertise to perform all the legal work involved, but also appreciate the nature and outlook of a… Read more »

A Firm Foundation

Scarborough’s a beautiful place to live. The town is home to 55,000 people living among the rolling hills and beautiful coastline of north Yorkshire. It’s also home to one of Britain’s newest churches. Trinity Church Scarborough is an Anglican church which started meeting in May 2017. It’s been planted by Anglican Mission in England (AMiE)… Read more »