Workplaces don’t stay static.  Although we love to see lives and workplaces transformed by Christ, change is often unsettling and formal processes to implement changes can feel heavy-handed.  Maybe you need some of your evangelists to become teachers.  Whether change is seen as a positive or negative, we can help with the issues you may face:

  • What are the employment implications of a relocation, a church plant or two organisations coming together? Someone has mentioned TUPE, what does it mean?
  • How can you introduce and adapt to new areas of ministry?  How can you implement change well and support those who are feeling unsettled?  How do you engage those who are disengaged? what are the considerations for pregnant or disabled staff?
  • How do you choose between people at risk of redundancy?  Do you need to consult with them and, if so, how?  Should you make enhanced redundancy payments?

Edward Connor Solicitors is a solicitors practice established as a Christian charity.  Through Christ-centred legal expertise, we can help you times of transformation and change, steering you through the legal complexities of your obligations.

Please give us a call if you want to talk through your requirements and find out how we might be able to help you.

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Lawyer for Employment

Mark Jones, Solicitor and Head of Employment

Mark advises Christian organisations and churches on all aspects of employment law, including discrimination, data protection and human rights issues.