“Donate…to a law firm?”

That’s a question you might understandably have asked when you saw the word ‘Donate’ on our website! And why would you?  The answer lies in the fact that Edward Connor Solicitors is no ordinary law firm… 

Our status is unique

As well as being a fully regulated law firm, we are a Christian charity with charitable aims.  Our main aim is to advance the gospel by enabling Christian ministries to be properly established and good stewards of their resources.

The work we do is unique

Working with churches and Christian organisations is all that we do.  This means we have a wealth of experience in precisely the kind of issues such organisations are likely to face – and which many other solicitors will not often come across.

The difference a donation makes

Many of our clients – especially smaller churches and charities – would not be able to access high quality, legal advice.  Donations help us to provide our services more affordably, enabling us to support such clients with specialist, tailored, Christ-centred legal advice.  See our client stories for examples of work we have been able to do for churches and charities.