Our employment services cover the whole working relationship, from beginning to end.  Even when advertising a position there can be issues and references can cause problems long after someone has gone.  Typical concerns we help with include:

  • What can I say in a reference?  When should I ask for one?  Can a “negative” reference be given?
  • How can we avoid discrimination in recruitment?  Where do we have to advertise?
  • Can we take protected characteristics such as sex, sexual orientation or religious belief into account in recruitment decisions?

Edward Connor Solicitors is a solicitors practice established as a Christian charity.  Through Christ-centred legal expertise, we can help you from the “alpha” of the working relationship to the “omega”, steering you through the legal complexities of your obligations.

Please give us a call if you want to talk through your requirements and find out how we might be able to help you.

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Lawyer for Employment

Mark Jones, Solicitor and Head of Employment

Mark advises Christian organisations and churches on all aspects of employment law, including discrimination, data protection and human rights issues.