If you are a Christian lawyer reading this, I wonder why you chose to go into the legal profession?

Was it for the status? The salary? Because you wanted a career that would stretch you but also give you a comfortable lifestyle? Or was it because you want to use your gifts and abilities for the kingdom? For gospel purposes?

I know that can look different for every Christian lawyer but working at Edward Connor Solicitors can be one way of being a lawyer for a completely counter cultural purpose.

Who we are

Edward Connor Solicitors is unique because it was set up as a Christian charity. We’re an Alternative Business Structure under the Legal Services Act so we’re a fully regulated law firm but we’re also a Christian charity with the express charitable objective of advancing the Christian faith (you can read more about our history here). This means we only act for Christian organisations that can agree to our doctrinal basis and most positions in the firm have an occupational requirement meaning we can usually only employ Christians. It means we’re free to be utterly uncompromising about our Christian position and gospel aims and they govern everything we do as an organisation.

We had the privilege of starting in 2018 with effectively a blank sheet of paper to shape a firm so that it can have the greatest possible gospel impact and attract the best possible Christian talent to serve the gospel aims of our Christian clients. Our vision is to offer Christ-centred legal expertise.

Growth and recruitment

We’ve seen a really high demand for our services in our first few years and so we’re now in a period of significant growth to meet the demands of the Christian market that we love to serve.

We’re currently particularly looking for solicitors with charity law and employment law experience, and also for support staff – both finance and administration – but we’re always interested in speaking to Christian solicitors who specialise in our other areas of expertise as well, such as property.

At Edward Connor Solicitors you can know the joy of working on a huge variety of often very complex and novel legal issues in an environment where Christian colleagues will lovingly take an holistic approach to your growth and development, helping you to grow in Christlikeness and in the biblical application of your knowledge and gifts as well as helping you excel as an expert lawyer. Why not take a moment to ‘meet’ our wonderful staff team here?

We’d love to hear from you

As Edward Connor Solicitors is a charity as well as a law firm, we’re not motivated by profit but by serving Christ as lawyers. Our work is always for kingdom purposes – we are partners in mission with our clients. Will you consider joining us and making your reason for being in the legal profession to directly further the gospel?

Do continue to keep an eye on our vacancies page for any current opportunities, but at any point if you are captured by our vision for Christ-centred legal expertise, please feel free to send a cover letter and CV to [email protected] and we will keep it on file for when we may have an opportunity available.

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