Employers and employees have duties to each other.  The law requires mechanisms for resolving issues internally when there may have been a breach of a duty.  For employers, it is addressing conduct issues through a disciplinary process.  For employees it is raising concerns through a grievance process.  We can provide “off the peg” and bespoke processes tailored with Christians in mind along with guidance and support on the many issues and queries that can arise, for example.

  • Is this a conduct issue?  Is it loving and honouring to disregard misconduct?  At what point should misconduct lead to dismissal?  What about conduct outside the workplace – should we be concerned about someone’s private life? Does repentance have a role when deciding what to do? Does mercy?
  • Is a grievance process appropriate or are there better ways of resolving disputes between Christian brother and sisters?  What if the working relationship can’t be restored?
  • Reflecting upon John 7:51, what should a fair process and hearing look like?  Who should conduct it?  How can you proceed if someone won’t attend a hearing?  How should appeals be handled?

Edward Connor Solicitors is a solicitors practice established as a Christian charity.  Through Christ-centred legal expertise, we can help you consider these and other matters, helping you ensure that issues are dealt with robustly but fairly and justly, steering you through the legal complexities of your obligations.

Please give us a call if you want to talk through your requirements and find out how we might be able to help you.

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Mark Jones, Solicitor and Head of Employment

Mark advises Christian organisations and churches on all aspects of employment law, including discrimination, data protection and human rights issues.