Redundancy Pack

Redundancy Pack to steer employers through the process from beginning to end. Containing a wealth of information and guidance, whether for one person in a unique role at risk of redundancy or if having to make a selection from a group.

£375.00 ex VAT

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Navigating the redundancy process can feel overwhelming, as well as unsettling, for everyone involved. Churches and other Christian organisations will be concerned to follow a fair but personal process – honouring both their legal obligations and the people affected.

Our Employment Team have produced this cost-effective Redundancy Pack to steer you through this process from beginning to end.  It contains a wealth of information and guidance to help you, whether it is one person in a unique role at risk of redundancy or you are having to make a selection from a group.

The Pack includes:

  • A comprehensive factsheet on redundancy, providing overall advice on the law
  • A timetable, setting out what steps should be taken and when
  • Additional guidance for those conducting the process
  • Precedent letters
  • Precedent scripts/guidelines for redundancy consultation meetings
  • Precedent selection criteria and accompanying guidance
  • 30 minutes free support from our Team, to further support you as you implement these documents.

For those looking at large-scale redundancies (i.e. 20+ staff at a single establishment over a 90 day period), please contact us as there are additional obligations beyond the information provided within the Pack.

This Pack is provided under licence. It may not be re-sold without our agreement. It may not be used by (or distributed for use by) any other person or organisation without our agreement.

This Pack has been drafted for use in England, Wales and Scotland.  It should not, without adaptation, be used in other jurisdictions.