Seeing the love of Jesus Christ course through our communities is a vision all Christians share.

East Midlands Christian Fellowships (or Reach as it is now known) has just such a vision, and is working through its churches to see the growth of transformative, Jesus-centred communities across the East Midlands and beyond.

With a heart for community, having property from which to conduct or fund missional activities – such as its conference centre in Derby – is vital.

When Reach was looking for legal support with a remortgage and loan for its conference centre and other Derby-based properties, they knew what they were looking for. Sanjay Parmar, Operations Manager, revealed that:

“We were looking for solicitors who understood our mission and were willing to walk with us through a pandemic.”

After a recommendation, Reach approached Edward Connor Solicitors to take on the work. Their experience of working with our property team?

“We have to say that they delivered, were efficient, knowledgeable and friendly.”

But why come to Edward Connor Solicitors, when there could be other law firms who would take on the work, even other firms who might be efficient, knowledgeable and friendly? Sanjay responded that:

“We specifically chose Edward Connor because of their Christian ethos which we felt was important when answering some complex questions around the remortgage and loan facilitation.”

Sanjay’s response goes to heart of ECS’ existence – the provision of high-quality legal advice that shares an understanding of our clients’ ultimate mission. Within this ‘Christ-centred legal expertise’ is a passionate dedication to the local church, and a unique experience of supporting churches through ownership, use and sale of property. Not only understanding the mission, but sharing the same heart and values, Sanjay and Reach were convinced that ECS was the law firm for them. Sanjay went on to say:

“We needed to feel that we were understood with regards to investing in our conference centre with a purpose to funding the work that we as a church are involved in within our congregation and within the community where we are based.”

If you are seeking legal support in conveyancing, or other property matters, and want high quality legal expertise from lawyers that understand your mission and share your Christian values we would love to help you.


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