Inspired by the testimony and ministry of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand – author of Tortured for ChristRelease International has a vital mission. Working through indigenous church partners in more than 25 countries, they are helping persecuted Christians across the globe through prayer, pastoral help, and practical provision.

It’s a hugely important calling, and help staying true to that calling is something that Paul Robinson, CEO of Release International, knew they’d find when they approached Edward Connor Solicitors to work on their governing documents.

“It’s always good to know there are Governance experts on hand when you need them. Sometimes it’s for those acute circumstances when you need almost instant help, at other times it’s about ensuring the long-term needs of the Charity are met.

We’ve been helped by Edward Connor Solicitors in both ways, most recently as we’ve spent time reviewing our Governing documents to ensure our Christian Ministry can endure with sound biblical values long into the future.”

Sound values, solid foundation

Working with Christian lawyers meant that Release International had the benefit of support by legal professionals who truly understood the importance of staying true to the biblical values on which the Ministry was founded. Paul reflected that:

“The Charity team at Edward Connor Solicitors have been excellent at communicating our Christian identity even through, what are to some, the most complex of regulatory documents, making sure the Christian foundations on which Release International was founded in 1968 remain as robust now as they were then.”

The importance of sound values and solid foundations to a Christian Ministry cannot be overstated, and Paul recognised this, commenting that:

“In a society which can sometimes work in opposition to biblically held values it is almost priceless to have legal partners who know how to navigate the regulatory landscape from an Evangelical point of view. If, like us, staying true to your Christian calling is most important, I cannot recommend Edward Connor Solicitors highly enough.” 

Can we help you?

If you are looking to set up or amend your governing documents, our team can support you with Christ-centred legal expertise from the start to the end of the process.