Homeworking/Hybrid Working Policy

Homeworking policy for churches and Christian organisations.

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The last 18 months has seen a huge increase in the number of staff working from home. As a result, there’s an increased expectation on the part of churches and Christian organisations, and those who work for them, to consider working from home as a viable option.

To help our clients struggling with this issue, we have produced a comprehensive Homeworking/Hybrid Working Policy. It covers a number of issues that need to be considered when permitting staff to work from home (or some other location), including:

  • Data Protection issues, such as steps to reduce the risk of data breaches
  • Confidentiality, such as the implications of smart speakers
  • Health and Safety, such as the need for risk assessments and ensuring good mental and physical health for those working remotely
  • Expenses, such as calculating travel expenses for those based at home
  • Things to consider before agreeing homeworking.

You can purchase this policy as a standalone policy, or as part of our comprehensive Employment Pack, which includes a raft of other useful documents.

Employment Premium Service

If you’ve purchased our Employment Pack and signed up for our Premium Service you will be provided with this policy completely free of charge.

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If you’ve purchased our Employment Pack, for an annual fee of £60 excluding VAT, our Premium service will provide further peace of mind, ensuring your pack remains up to date over the next 12 months. As changes to the law occur, we will promptly notify you of any recommended changes to employment contracts, policies and procedures. This means that if you sign up to the Premium Service we will provide you with the Homeworking Policy completely free of charge!

For no extra cost, we will extend this service to similar changes affecting the contract, policies and procedures provided as part of our Volunteer PackVoluntary Worker Pack and Worker Pack (where these have been purchased).

If you would like to know more about the Premium Employment Service, please get in touch with us.