It looks like 2023 could see some significant changes in Employment Law.

Areas where we expect to see developments include:

  • Changes to the law around requests for flexible working
  • New rights to types of leave, including

– a right to carer’s leave for employees who have a dependant with a long term care need

– a right to neonatal leave for parents whose babies spend time in neonatal care units

  • Changes to the law on third party harassment (for example the treatment of your staff by visitors)
  • Changes to the national living wage, statutory sick pay and redundancy payments
  • New laws on “conversion therapy”
  • Additional redundancy protections for those on maternity and similar leave
  • Potential changes to the application of laws that emanated from the EU (such as working time and TUPE) as a result of Post Brexit Reform
  • Changes to the law on calculating holiday for some part-time employees and workers

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