At our AGM in early February this year, our trustees and members came together to hear about the amazing work we’ve been able to do, where our journey so far has led us, our current position, and our vision for the future. At the AGM we shared copies of our Annual Review – an engaging snapshot of the reported year in question (which this time round is March 2022 to February 2023), and a brief look ahead to what we’re planning next.

Download our Annual Review 2023

It’s always an exciting yet humbling exercise, as we see through both the challenges and successes how dependent we are on God and His good provision. And how necessary that position of dependence is! So we were overjoyed for example to see that:

  • We’ve provided over 6,000 hours of discounted advice to our clients
  • We’ve provided around 100 hours of free advice via our Advice Line service
  • Around 170 of our free resources were downloaded

And excited as we look ahead to:

  • Building relationships with diverse church groups
  • Exploring new areas of service provision
  • Producing new and relevant resources for churches and Christian organisations

You’ll find all of this and much more in our Annual Review!

Download our Annual Review 2023


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