Managing holiday entitlement, sickness absence, and other leave can be a complex business. It can also prove costly when employers get it wrong.

Acas (an independent public body whose role includes helping to improve workplace relationships) have improved their online resources to help employers to do this well. New and updated resources include a useful toolkit Business essentials: Absence – Guidelines (, which includes ‘5 Top Tips to Manage Sickness Absence’, an Absence and lateness record sheet, and a couple of factsheets which set out easy-to-follow steps for an employer to follow when an employee falls ill.  Acas guidance (see Holiday, sickness and leave | Acas) on these topics address a number of essential matters, such as:

  • Checking holiday entitlement and sick pay
  • Fit notes and proof of sickness
  • Returning to work after absence
  • Creating absence policies

These online resources are a useful starting point for employers when managing leave and absence, providing an overview of the topics covered, and clear processes which they can follow.

If you are looking for template holiday, sickness and other leave policies for your church or Christian organisation, our Employment Pack contains a raft of policies included in its Staff Handbook.

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Banner photo by David Mao on Unsplash