When a charity is looking to buy or sell property, the legal work can be complicated – especially when you’re purchasing.

Thankfully, Edward Connor Solicitors have a team of conveyancing and trust experts who not only have the expertise to perform all the legal work involved, but also appreciate the nature and outlook of a Christian Charity.

That was really important to Grace Baptist Charities Ltd when it needed a firm of solicitors to help with buying houses and commercial premises. As a charity supporting independent churches they were delighted with the legal services provided to them by the team in Market Harborough. David Ginns, Company Secretary at the time, said:

“We have used them primarily for property work and they have been invaluable. It’s not just that they know how to do it – you can get these services from most High Street firms of solicitors – but they have a detailed knowledge of the trusteeship aspects of our role, and they are able to ensure that the various compliance bodies are happy.”

Based in north London, Grace Baptist Charities Ltd is the trustee arm of The Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East) which has member churches across London and the South East.

David explained that it is not just the expertise of Gemma and the team have which was so helpful, it’s also their understanding of the mission and ministry of the charity:

“They understand the evangelical language we sometimes use, and they understand that although we do what we do as an occupation, we also regard our work as a ministry for the Lord. We are always treated with appropriate Christian consideration because, like us, they regard what they do as a ministry.

“I heartily recommend other Christian organisations requiring conveyancing services to go to them, because there really isn’t anywhere else to go which offers their particular mix of professional expertise together with a sense of Christian service.”