Scarborough’s a beautiful place to live. The town is home to around 60,000 people living among the rolling hills and beautiful coastline of north Yorkshire.

It’s also home to one of Britain’s newest churches.

Trinity Church Scarborough is an Anglican church which started meeting in May 2017. It was planted by Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) and the Senior Minister is  Lee McMunn, Assistant Bishop and Chair of AMiE’s Executive Team.

Ahead of their launch, Lee decided to use the team from Edward Connor Solicitors to make sure their church governing documents were watertight.

“Gemma and the team talked through our needs – we come from an Anglican point of view – and they were fantastic with us; listening to us and then writing drafts of different constitutions, chatting to us about whether they would work.

“I just thought that was great. I don’t have the time to do it and it would distract me from my real focus so it was such a blessing.”

Trinity Church Scarborough is starting to grow and they have already seen someone become a Christian through the ministry of the church. Lee believes having the foundations of a solid church structure can only help the cause of the gospel in Scarborough. He added:

“I would love to encourage other AMiE churches and those from other denominations to approach Gemma and the team. What you can be confident of is that people will listen to your needs so you’re not going to get an ‘off the shelf’ product.

“Churches should spend money on a good structure because it will last forever and it will give you a good foundation to flourish in gospel ministry.”

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