The Charity Commission. Employment law. Property Regulations. Data Protection.

Sometimes complying with the law can seem complicated and burdensome to churches. Which policies and procedures do churches legally need? We’re here to help.

We at Edward Connor Solicitors understand that churches want to be legally compliant as part of their service to Jesus and we want to help you to do this faithfully. We’ve put together a comprehensive compliance checklist for churches so you can work your way through the different areas of law that apply to churches and make sure you’re complying where you need to.

Here’s a link to the pdf of the checklist.

We specialize at working with churches and Christian organisations and we would love to work alongside you.

Please give us a call if you want to talk through your requirements and find out how we might be able to help you.

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This information has been provided by solicitors working for Edward Connor Solicitors. It is designed for the purpose of knowledge sharing only and does not constitute legal advice.