Mary Drew

Mary Drew

In the admittedly small – yet very significant! – world of Christian legal work, the arrival at ECS of new people is always an exciting milestone. Today, we have the privilege of introducing our firm’s newest lawyer, Mary Drew, who has joined our firm to contribute her unique skills and perspective to our mission.

With a passion for helping charitable organisations and a proven track record of delivering sound legal advice to large Christian organisations, Mary brings a wealth of expertise that aligns wonderfully well with our vision to bring accessible legal expertise where it will be most fruitful for the gospel.

Mary will be working in a somewhat unique role perfectly suited to her experience and expertise. So, as we embark on this new chapter, we sat down with Mary to ask a bit more about her background, aspirations, and what she hopes to achieve within her role at ECS.

So Mary, where did you join us from, and what were you doing there?

I was head of Legal for Tearfund for just over 12 years. 

Wow! And what made you join ECS after your time at Tearfund?

Well, Caroline [Eade, our Head of Charities] and Gemma [Adam, our Managing Director] can be pretty persistent! In honesty I was ready for a change and I have known Caroline for a number of years and so when she approached me about a role at ECS and we talked about ECS’s vision and purpose I was sold.

Can you tell us what you’ll be doing here?

I am a partner in the Charities Team and I am still working out what that means but it is the intention that my focus will not be on churches (I know, controversial!) but will instead be on charitable organisations. I am hoping to apply the skills and knowledge that I have accumulated working for a large Christian organisation for such a long time for the benefit of many more.

That’s really exciting – what about your new role most excites you?

I am excited to be working with a really lovely, godly team who are seeking to further God’s kingdom by providing high quality legal advice to churches and Christian organisations so that they can be more effective in their ministries.

Thank you for letting us know a bit more about you and your role, Mary. What can we be praying for you as you start?

Please pray against imposter syndrome – and pray that I would trust God, that he has brought me to this role and given me the skills I need to do it well! Despite being super laid back in most aspects of my life – anxiety has a way of creeping up on me – so please pray that I would not be anxious in anything but present everything to God in prayer instead!

Thank you!


Banner photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels 

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