Who is the Fundraising Regulator?

The Regulator manages a system of fundraising self-regulation and provides advice to two main constituencies – fundraisers and members of the public. You can find their guidance for those two groups here:

Who does the Code of Fundraising Practice apply to?

The Code of Fundraising Practice applies to all charities and third-party fundraisers in the UK, whether or not you are registered with the Regulator. It is available on the Regulator’s website and sets out the standards required. The Code includes legal requirements and also other standards which promote trust and confidence in fundraising.

If you do any fundraising, you should read through the Code to make sure you are following its requirements, which in some instances are very specific and raise issues you might not otherwise think about.

What’s in the Code?

The Code is wide ranging and reflects many of the standards we would set ourselves as Christians in terms of honesty, integrity and how we deal with other people.

Section 1: All fundraising

Section 2: Working with others

Section 3: Specific fundraising methods

Behaviour when fundraising Volunteers Collecting money/other property
Responsibilities of charitable institutions and trustees Fundraising involving children Fundraising communication and advertisements
Processing personal data Professional fundraisers, commercial participators and partners Digital fundraising
Processing donations Events
Lotteries, prize competitions, free draws
Raising funds from grant making bodies
Payroll giving and post-tax salary donations

What powers does the Regulator have?

The Regulator has no statutory regulatory powers (unlike the Charity Commission).

It can conduct an investigation where a member of the public complains about an organisation’s fundraising practices or if it believes that a breach of the Code has occurred. It will produce a report and make recommendations to the organisation.

It cannot take action against an organisation itself, other than removing it from its public directory, if it’s registered with the Regulator, and suspending use of the Regulator’s badge. It can refer the complaint on, for example, to the Charity Commission, if an organisation does not co-operate with its investigation or fails to act on the recommendations it makes.

We’re here to help

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