This week, we were really privileged to have Graham Beynon, FIEC’s Head of Local Ministries, join our online staff meeting to teach us about the doctrine of the church. This training formed part of a series looking together at our doctrinal basis, of what we believe as a biblically-shaped Christian law firm.

Training with distinction

Training on biblical distinctives may not be the first training you think of when it comes to a law firm! But at Edward Connor Solicitors – a firm committed to Christ-centred legal expertise – we recognise how vital it is to be grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to deeply understand the ‘whys’ of what we believe.

Through this series, we want to equip our staff with a deeper knowledge and heart-conviction of what the Bible teaches on the primary issues of:

  • God
  • The Bible
  • The Human Race
  • The Lord Jesus Christ
  • Salvation
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Church
  • Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
  • Marriage
  • The Future

Understanding the church – universal and local

The majority of our clients are local churches, and a dedication to the local church is one of our Core Values. Therefore, understanding the church – both its place in God’s universal, eternal plan, and the place of local churches here and now – goes to the heart of who Edward Connor Solicitors are and why we exist. As such we were especially grateful to Graham for leading us through this part of our series, and eagerly look forward to the next instalment!

Who said training was boring!


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