When your church needs to have some work done, there are many factors to consider. Who gives best value for money? Who will do the job well? How can we glorify God in this? How can we look after the resources that God has given us? When it comes to legal work, the questions that can arise may be the same.

At Edward Connor Solicitors we are confident that you should choose a lawyer who understands and shares your Christian faith (and who also has expertise in the relevant area of law, of course!).

Why? What are the advantages of instructing a Christian firm rather than another firm of lawyers?

We understand the mission

Christian lawyers understand that as a Christian organisation, you want to be biblically faithful and God-centred in all that you do. At Edward Connor, we understand your gospel priorities and we share them. Our mission is to enable you to glorify God by stewarding your resources well, properly assessing risks to your organisation and being legally compliant.

We are specialist

At Edward Connor, helping Christian organisations and churches is what we do. That means we have a wealth of experience in the kinds of issues which your church or organisation is likely to face – which other solicitors may not have come across. A solicitor who specialises in these areas will be more knowledgeable and able to spot potential issues much more quickly.

We strive to have integrity in all we do

All lawyers are expected to be honest and work for the good of their clients and as Christian lawyers this is especially important to us. We seek to humble ourselves before God in our work, putting the needs of the client first and working for the good of His Kingdom and for His glory.

We are professional

In choosing a Christian law firm like Edward Connor Solicitors, you are gaining access to experienced, specialist lawyers who have chosen to serve Jesus. At our firm, our lawyers have had successful commercial careers in a range of secular firms. You will have the benefit of advice from experts in the field who are committed to your cause.

We pray

We regularly pray – both individually and as a staff team – for our clients and the work we’re doing, understanding that all we do is not in our own strength. We look to be dependent on Jesus in our work.

Choose ECS

Edward Connor Solicitors is uniquely a Christian charity as well as a law firm. We share your aim of advancing Christ’s kingdom and we want to use our legal expertise to help your ministry to flourish.

Please give us a call if you want to talk through your requirements and find out how we might be able to help you.

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