Service Occupancy Agreement – Providing accommodation for staff

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When a church or Christian organisation wishes to provide accommodation for a staff member or church employee, a Service Occupancy Agreement is normally the most appropriate method. We have created template documents.

If the accommodation is not owned by your organisation, or where you are providing accommodation not simply for the better performance of duties but because the staff member has a legal right to accommodation (such as some Anglican clergy), then please contact us to discuss whether this model agreement is suitable and revisions that may be appropriate.

If you want to provide accommodation to someone who does not work for the church, an assured shorthold tenancy may be what you require. Please contact us in this case to discuss your requirements.


Drafted in accordance with the law of England  (as at the date of publication). Please note that the law relating to occupying property in Wales is different from the law in England. Please check with us first if your property is located in Wales. If you would like documents for Scotland, Northern Ireland or any other country, please let us know, and we may be able to suggest another firm which can help you.