Licence for Outside Group to use Church Rooms

£100.00 ex VAT

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If you want to allow an outside group to hire all or part of your building for a few hours each week on a regular basis, you will need a licence. Our property team have drawn up a model licence. This model document will also help you think about whom you should grant a licence to, as it awards them certain rights and places obligations upon your organisation.

Please do not attempt to amend this document to suit other situations or circumstances. For example, this document is not suitable for a group who want to occupy space on a continuous ongoing basis (e.g. as office premises).

If you want to allow somebody to use the church building for a one-off event, please see the “Venue hire agreement for specific event” instead.

Drafted in accordance with the law of England & Wales. If you would like documents for Scotland, Northern Ireland or any other country, please let us know.