Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) – Allowing someone to occupy a residential property

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If you wish to purchase an AST pack, please contact us so we can ensure the suitability of the pack for your requirements.

Many churches and Christian organisations have unoccupied residential property that they may wish to let to a third party. In these cases we would recommend an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). Our Property team have created model AST documents that are tailored for the church/Christian organisation context.

There are two sets of documents – you will only need one. If your church/organisation is a CIO and the CIO is the legal owner of the property to be let, then please purchase “AST Pack – CIO as Landlord”.

If the property is legally owned by individual trustees, whether trustees of the church/organisation or of a separate property trust, then please purchase “AST Pack – Trustees as Landlord”.

If the property is legally owned by an external holding trustee (such as The Fellowship Property Trust) then please contact them in the first instance.

In both cases, the document is prefaced by extensive guidance notes to make it as easy as possible for you to implement the documentation, to help you wisely and biblically consider who you might let the property to, and to draw your attention to what your obligations will be as a landlord.

Drafted in accordance with the law of England & Wales (as at the date of publication).  Please note that the law relating to occupying property in Wales is due to change radically when new legislation comes into force.  Please check with us first if your property is located in Wales.  If you would like documents for Scotland, Northern Ireland or any other country, please let us know.