It is a privilege and a joy to directly support the work of our gospel partners. Providing Christ-centred legal advice to those on the front line of Christian ministry is our great mission.

Gospel work can often seem trivial and go unseen, but we want to showcase how ministries are moving forward and flourishing through partnering with us. The legal side of gospel work can be an after-thought, but it is our mission to help ministries recognise their need for Christ-centred quality legal support, and be here to provide it.

So, we want to showcase the work God is doing through us and our partnership with our clients:

And there’s more! Take encouragement from these further client stories:

Can we tell your story?

If you have been helped by working with us, we want to tell your story. What challenges were you facing? How did Edward Connor Solicitors support you in those challenges? What fruit have you seen since then?

Send us some copy, or get in touch to discuss things further:

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