Last week we were really pleased to confirm the appointment to our Board of Trustees of Kevin Appleton and Richard West.

Below, you can read a bit more about both Kevin and Richard, including a brief Q&A to get to know their journeys a little more.

Our trustees play a vital role in steering and governing our organisation with Christlikeness and wisdom, so we are really thankful to God for bringing both Kevin and Richard to Edward Connor Solicitors (ECS).

Kevin Appleton

Kevin has been a Christian since his mid-twenties and is currently a member of Long Buckby Baptist Church in Northamptonshire. He leads a bible study and preaches occasionally at various churches.

He is married to Claire and they have two grown-up children (both married) and three grandchildren.

Work wise Kevin has been a Chief Executive and Managing Director of a number of companies over more than twenty years. More recently he has pursued a non-executive career and currently chairs or sits on the board of four companies aside from ECS.

His favourite bible verse is Romans 8:38-39.

Kevin, why did you become a trustee of Edward Connor Solicitors?

“I have felt called to find a new opportunity to use some of my business experiences and skills in a context which explicitly seeks to facilitate the advance of the gospel. ECS feels like a perfect answer to that prayer.”

What excites you most about being a trustee for us?

“I know how essential good legal advice is for churches and charities. I also know how dishonouring it can be of God’s name when things go wrong in this respect.  I see a clear need for the services ECS is bringing to these constituencies and I am excited both by the opportunity and the evident passion of the employees of ECS for their mission.”

What can we be praying for you as you start in your new role?

“Jesus calls us to love the Lord with our heart, soul, mind and strength.  I’m naturally more comfortable with the last two and would value your prayers that the Holy Spirit might deliver up more of the first two over the coming weeks, months and years.”

Richard West

Richard is a former Executive at Next, where he spent 25 years. Latterly his responsibilities focussed on Human Resources and IT. Following retirement, he is part-time Operations Manager at St. Mary’s, Maidenhead.

Richard, why did you become a trustee of Edward Connor Solicitors?

“I was approached by Jonathan Anelay (an ECS trustee) about the possibility of becoming a trustee for ECS. He and his wife are good friends of my parents.

Having worked happily for many years for Next Retail in various roles I felt that a change of direction would be good. I wanted to spend more time with my family and use the experience I gained in the private sector in some kind of Christian work. I am now Operations Manager for a large conservative evangelical Anglican church in Maidenhead and on the oversight team for one of our Sunday congregations, but I was also praying about what other things I could usefully do with my time, so it was great when Jonathan approached me.

As I looked into ECS in advance of meeting members of the board, I was impressed with the excellent website and comprehensive range of services provided and was particularly struck by how it was clear that Christ is at the centre of ECS. I felt I had skills that could usefully be used and wanted to support ECS in whatever way I could as it is filling such an important role to Christian organisations and doing so in a professional way.”

What excites you most about being a trustee for us?

“I am excited about becoming a trustee and being part of a Christian organisation with huge potential for growth as it supports evangelical churches and organisations to further their important work. Incidentally it also feels more worthwhile than selling clothes!”

What can we be praying for you as you start in your new role?

“I would particularly value prayer as I get to know ECS processes and practices and legal terms and look for ways in which I can be most useful.”


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