Back in summer 2019 we marked our first year as Edward Connor Solicitors with a celebration during that year’s Evangelical Ministry Assembly in London. The evening reception at the Cathedral View conference centre in Westminster was attended by around 40 people including representatives from our clients and partner organisations, from individual churches to large national charities.

Edward Connor Solicitors launched in 2018 to provide evangelical Christian organisations and churches with Christ-centred legal services. We build on the work begun by the Practical Services team at the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), providing advice to charities and churches from across the evangelical constituency.

During the evening celebration, which included a presentation on ‘Does legal compliance help or hinder your mission?’, Caroline Eade, our Head of Charities, and Mark Jones, who is Head of Employment, explained the uniqueness of Edward Connor Solicitors’ vision. Caroline said: “We are a law firm that is a Christian charity and we exist to solely serve Christian ministries. We want to make sure that in being legally compliant, Christian organisations are also able to keep their gospel focus and biblical foundations, rather than being shaped by secular priorities.” Mark added: “Our work is our passion, and we do it all for Christ.”

Among the guests was Stewart McCulloch, the Chief Executive of Stewardship – the national charity that facilitates Christian generosity. Stewart said: “Our charity sees an important role for Edward Connor Solicitors, so it was a joyful moment to help celebrate their first year.”

Jonathan Carswell, the Chief Executive of Christian publisher and book seller 10ofThose, was also present. He said: “We use Edward Connor Solicitors because they understand the Christian principles that underpin our business. More than that though, they believe in those principles themselves, and this makes for an excellent working relationship.”

The team of lawyers at Edward Connor Solicitors undertake a wide range of legal work for churches and other Christian organisations including several large national charities. Many of our lawyers have worked in large commercial firms and have significant expertise of the specialist issues that Christian organisations face.

After the celebration, solicitor Paul Tollerton, Partner in our Property Team, said: “The evening was a great opportunity for our team to chat face-to-face with some of the people we serve, and be reminded of exactly why we do what we do.

“In an increasingly diverse and litigious culture, it’s vital that churches and other Christian organisations have the support they need.”


As reported by Rachel Dalby, on the FIEC website.


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